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Mission Statement

To provide quality links to quality sites to help visitors make the most of their valuable lunchtime.

Formed in the Summer of 2000 and launched on November 5th 2000, Lunchtime Links (LL) was built as a service.

Since then we have been reviewed by the Sunday Times among other media:

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The intention is to provide everyone with a simple portal to websites of interest. Other sites provide this, but most incorporate a search element. Searches are time consuming and invariably aren't specific enough to what you want.

The websites listed, mostly UK based, are constantly monitored and updated to provide you with the best information, best purchasing sites and less of the time-wasting sites.

Feedback from you is very important to us to provide the best service. Links are added and removed depending on what you think. So please get in touch.

For any enquiries please contact us.

If you have a website and would be happy linking to us we'd be very grateful. Click here for the code.

We hope you enjoy your lunch!

With kind regards,

Those on Lunch