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lunchtime news:

  • Secret Santa Generator

    Yep, it's that time of year again - Secret Santa organising time! Try this great fun, free Secret Santa Generator. Just add all the participants, click and everyone will be told whose Santa they will be!


  • Film Competition

    Enter your film into this short film competition and gain film making experience


  • A skydive from above the sky!

    This is incredible... can't see people getting sponsored to do this!


  • LATEST NEWS: No Earthquake in Cornwall

    HOT OFF THE PRESS: For more than the hundredth time in as many years, the quiet south-western county of Cornwall has not been subjected to a terrifying barrage of seismic tremors causing unprecedented property damage and human tragedy. Those poor locals..


  • would you like to see madonna nude?

    A nude painting of Madonna and her ex-husband, Guy Richie, didn't sell at an auction in Glasgow. Wonder why...


  • predict a hurricane

    A video about predicting a hurricane? Florida here we come!


  • Crush The Castle

    This is going to distract you. It has sound so mute your speakers if you're in the office.


  • So this is how the FBI do it

    This is one heck of a zoom! Pick someone at the back and zoom in, and in, and in.


  • Rocket launch in slow mo...

    This is just cool. High speed cameras are our #1 invention of today. We've just decided!


  • Falling with style

    This looks like pure suicide, but at the same time, what a way to go. This footage is incredible and is great for our lunchtime adrenalin junkies.


  • By flying car from London to Timbuktu

    A voyage to fabled Timbuktu in a flying car may sound like a magical childhood fantasy. However, it's clearly not. Now why weren't we all invited?


  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to one and all, from all of us Forever On Lunch. How did you use your extra second of 2008?


  • London to Glasgow in 5 mins by train!

    Ok, so it's not actually the reality for the trip as that'd mean travelling at over 5000mph, but it's a great speeded up video of the journey.


  • Dogs get jealous!

    Dogs will refuse to take part in simple tasks if they see other dogs being rewarded and they are not, a study from Austria suggests. You can see the expression on the dog's face... and he's not happy!


  • Flying reptile species found - and it's big!

    A new fossil species of flying reptile - with a wingspan the size of a family car (5m) - has been uncovered by scientists. A bit too large for our bird table!


  • Just click on the ball...

    That's all we ask. No scam, no horrible scary face appears, just click the ball and it changes colour. It's addictive though.


  • The ultimate butterfingers!

    Now if you're going to drop something, best not to do it while you're in orbit!


  • Extreme canoeing - dam busting!

    Don't try this at home... unless you have a 300ft dam in your living room of course.


  • Spiders may soon have their secrets unwoven

    Their silk is stronger than steel, but how do spiders spin it? The £200M new microscope is hopefully going to help us* find out. (*we don't mean Those on Lunch by the way, as we're way too busy for that).


  • ...and then the wing fell off!

    This is unbelievable. The wing falls off and yet the pilot still lands in one piece... well one piece, minus a big piece that's normally a fundamentally required piece!



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